Park City Haunted House 

"The Gruesome Castle 

Theme Park" - 2023

2023 Theme Announced! -"Gruesome Castle Theme Park"

At the Gruesome Castle Theme Park, there was never a slow day. Families traveled from everywhere to come to experience the uniquely themed rides and attractions. On October 31st, 1987, the park was at the center of a very rough storm. Most of the park was destroyed, staff disappeared, and it still lies untouched today. People have tried to use the land to open businesses, but they always go missing. On select days around Halloween every year, ghostly and paranormal sounds are heard from the destroyed but still-standing Castle Dark Ride. The ride itself was destroyed in the storm, but will you be the first to walk the tracks of this haunted ride? Nobody has dared to go near, but YOU can be the first to make this journey! Book Online Starting September!   

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