About Us

"Channel Your Inner Scream!"

Since 2018, Park City Haunted House has produced a spine-chilling haunted attraction conveniently located in Park City, UT. Run by a high schooler and his family out of their house, the attraction is only open on select days near Halloween. There are different themes and layouts each year with the intent to switch it up for returning guests. Park City Haunted House does not charge admission but instead accepts and appreciates donations to help pay for the equipment used throughout the attraction. The attraction has an option for all ages. If you are with someone who wants a milder scare, then take the outside route. If you are with someone who wants to unleash their inner scream, take the outside/inside route! We look forward to scaring... we mean... hosting you! Make sure to book online!

"We are in the people-pleasing business. If we can't scare you, then we strive to make you leave with a smile. The attraction is smaller compared to others, but the energy and enthusiasm that our guests bring through is what makes it worth it. Without the guests, Park City Haunted House would not be possible, so a huge thank you for all of your laughs and screams year after year! It's incredible that the Park City / surrounding areas community can come together and support each other in such an exciting tradition. It keeps us going and we look forward to returning for plenty of years to come!"

Here's to another great season ahead!

Aiden, Kim, and The PC Haunted House Team

2023 Theme - Gruesome Castle Theme Park

At the Gruesome Castle Theme Park, there was never a slow day. Families traveled from everywhere to come to experience the uniquely themed rides and attractions. On October 31st, 1987, the park was at the center of a very rough storm. Most of the park was destroyed, staff disappeared, and it still lies untouched today. People have tried to use the land to open businesses, but they always go missing. On select days around Halloween every year, ghostly and paranormal sounds are heard from the destroyed but still-standing Castle Dark Ride. The ride itself was destroyed in the storm, but will you be the first to walk the tracks of this haunted ride? Nobody has dared to go near, but YOU can be the first to make this journey! 

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*Reminder that this is a home haunted house, not a commercial haunted house. Even though it is small, we still cause quite the scream!  Walkthrough takes around 10-15 mins. Booking online is highly recommended. Donations are appreciated!